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San Felipe Development Company

El Dorado Ranch has been in operation since 1989.  Since its inception it has become the largest employer in the San Felipe area.  With over 20 different home communities, El Dorado Ranch has over 7,000 property owners and approximately 1,400 homes and structures built.

Development at El Dorado Ranch has been done in the utmost environmentally friendly manner and has resulted in an ecologically sustainable resort and community.  Within its subdivisions, the Ranch boasts the largest solar community in North America with more households using this form of alternative energy than anywhere else on the continent.

Additionally, the Ranch encourages the use of environmentally friendly home construction.  The first straw bale home in the Baja was constructed at El Dorado Ranch.  Since that time more straw bale homes have been built in our communities that anywhere else in North America.

And as development continues at the Ranch as well as with our sister projects such as the La Ventana Del Mar, the same rigid environmental standards are upheld.  For instance, the construction of the new golf course (San Felipe's first and only) calls for adequately watering grass in a desert environment averaging less than 2 inches of rain per year.

Rather than depleting existing water supplies, we have been able to cross breed a unique species of salt tolerant grass to make use of previously unusable water sources thereby preserving precious water supplies.  Plants that absolutely must be removed are not run over by a bull dozer, but instead dug out by hand and transferred to a nursery.

While we are an environmentally friendly development, management has extensive business experience to bring greater financial security to our owners.  Ranch Developer, Pat Butler, is an American citizen and spends most his time at the Ranch and is very actively involved in our projects.

Mr. Butler is a former Vice President for Marriott Corporation and the former President and CEO of Coast to Coast Resorts and Golf Card International.  His hand picked international management team is comprised of highly educated and experienced people with a track record of over 35 years in promoting and operating hospitality projects in both the U.S. and Mexico.

El Dorado Ranch has been a major contributor to the growth of San Felipe by bringing in 10,000 visitors per year to the San Felipe area.  Our management team works very closely with Mexican Government agencies and has made U.S. - Mexico investment history by being the first U.S. developer to make sizeable land acquisition from the Ejido.  This unprecedented acquisition involved numerous federal, local, environmental, and regulatory agencies and required years of preparation on our part.  Our development plans, financial status, and backgrounds were scrutinized by these agencies before this historic approval was assigned.

And our development hasn't gone without recognition.  In the summer of 2003, El Dorado Ranch was given special recognition as one of Baja's most outstanding developments at a specially held press conference attended by President Fox, the National Minister of Tourism, Governor of Baja California, and Baja Minister of Tourism.

In addition to the security of having a proven developer, our projects have been created to provide home owners with the best viable real estate product possible.  To start, we offer the most secure form of Mexican property ownership.  This is not a lease, or a time share, it is property ownership in its most secure form.

Additionally, we have acquired the necessary zoning designations from the local agencies to ensure that covenants, controls, and rules are legally enforceable.  This is beneficial for our owners knowing that their community will uphold the standards as set forth in the covenants and help protect property value and enhance lifestyle.  It is envisioned that El Dorado Ranch will be used as a role model of environmentally sustainable development for other Mexican and U.S. developers to follow. 

But perhaps the most desirable element of our projects is the natural beauty in which they exist.  With most lots having both sea and mountain views the scenery is simple breathtaking.  The unique geography featuring a neighboring 10,000 foot mountain range, a pristine and lush desert, and the tranquil Sea of Cortez provides endless recreational opportunity and a lifestyle far removed from the pace of the city.

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