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You are more than welcome to call us at 1-800-404-2599 or 011-52-686-200-4000 ext. 4026 for further assistance if you are planning to travel to El Dorado Ranch. We can send you detailed maps and instructions to help you plan your trip in addition to what is provided in our web site. Or simply e-mail us now.

Driving Instructions and Directions
Mileages and travel time from USA Cities
Border Crossing Requirements
Traveling in Mexico
Required Auto Insurance
Road Signs
Food/Fuel/Restroom Facilities
El Centro Area Overnight RV Facilities


If you are driving, you need to get to Calexico, California. You can get there via San Diego on Interstate 8 East or from Yuma, AZ take Interstate 8 West to Hwy. 111 exit. Take Hwy. 111 South to Calexico and the Mexican border. There are two crossing points into Mexico from here. See the following instructions. Drive time from border to El Dorado Ranch is approximately 2 hours.

Border Crossing at Calexico:

From El Centro: Go east on Interstate 8 to Highway 111 exit. Go South on Highway 111 to the border. Go through the border, and bear right. After approximately 500 feet turn right for San Felipe. Go straight on this road through Mexicali (major intersections will have signs for San Felipe.) This turns into Highway 5. El Dorado Ranch is at Kilometer marker 176 and you will use this entrance for La Ventana del Mar as well. Click for map.

Eastern Border Crossing:

From El Centro: Go East on Interstate 8 to Highway 111 exit. Go South on Highway 111 to the third light (Hwy. 98 or Truck Route 7). Go East on Highway 98 for about 7 miles where the sign shows the border crossing. Make a right and proceed up and over the cloverleaf and into the border crossing (this is clearly marked). RV's are to follow the signs for passenger cars.

From Yuma: Take Highway 8 West and exit at Highway 98. Go West on Highway 98 for about 16 miles. At the traffic light, make a left and proceed up and over the cloverleaf and into the border crossing (this is clearly marked).

Once through the new border crossing you will come to a "T" crossing. Make a right and proceed West along the border boundary to the first stop sign where you will make a left onto Calzado Manuel Gomez Morin (MORIN BLVD). Continue South on MORIN through 7 traffic lights, passing the Sony plant. Turn left onto Highway 5 going South. El Dorado Ranch are at Kilometer marker 176 and are about 2 - 2 1/2 hours driving time from the border. Click for map.

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Those who live farther away may want to fly.

1. Fly into San Diego and drive rental car. Drive time is approximately 5 hours.

2. Fly into Yuma, AZ and drive rental car. Drive time is approximately 3.5 hours. 3. Fly into Los Angeles and then fly into El Centro, CA and drive rental car. Drive time is approximately 2.5 hours.

NOTE: When renting a car you must tell them you are driving into Mexico. Some agencies will not allow rentals into Mexico. In San Diego Red & Blue is the most economical and allows their vehicles into Mexico with the appropriate insurance. In Yuma and El Centro, Avis rents cars that can go into Mexico. (El Centro Avis counter closes at 5:00 on weekdays, Noon on Saturdays, and closed on Sundays.)

We have had some members chose another option and that is by bus. It can be a long tedious trip but can be done. Greyhound Bus has a station in Calexico, CA, right at the border. You can then walk or take a taxi into Mexicali Bus Station and get a bus to San Felipe. SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT—SAN FELIPE DOES NOT HAVE ANY RENTAL CARS AT THIS TIME. A taxi ride to El Dorado Ranch is about $15 from the bus station.

Information Sheet

The following information will assist you in making your trip to our beautiful seaside resort - El Dorado Ranch. If you have a question that is not answered in this information packet, please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-404-2599 or 011-52-686-200-4000 ext. 4026,

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Mileage from San Felipe to other major cities: (in USA)
City Miles Estimated Time
El Centro, California 137 miles 2:15 hours
San Diego, California 236 miles 4:30 hours
Palm Springs, Califonia 244 miles 4:00 hours
Los Angeles, California 350 miles 6:30 hours
San Francisco, California 725 miles 12:30 hours
Yuma, Arizona 184 miles 2:45 hours
Phoenix, Arizona 374 miles 6:00 hours
Tucson, Arizona 446 miles 7:15 hours

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Crossing the border is virtually effortless. Typically, North Americans entering Mexico at Mexicali are simply waved through. During the return trip, U.S. Customs performs a standard inspection on every car, so be prepared to wait in line for re-entry into the U.S. on weekends and holidays. When crossing the border, always carry two forms of identification including your driver’s license, a certified copy of your birth certificate, your passport, your voter registration card or your social security card (bring a birth certificate for any minor child). U.S. passports will be required of foreigners to enter Mexico by air or sea beginning December 31, 2006. Passports will be required for all land border crossings effective December 31, 2007.

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Plan to drive into Mexico during daylight hours (narrow roads pose the challenge, not threats of violence). Generally, highways are well maintained, but the roads are not illuminated and drivers may have difficulty seeing unmarked road hazards at night. As a precaution, travelers should carry a gallon of water. The Secretary of Tourism has created the Green Angel organization for the assistance and the protection of highway travelers. This free, federally funded group patrols Mexican highways looking for motorists in distress. They will help with minor repairs, supply gasoline and generally assist drivers at no charge except for the gas or parts provided. Mexican highways are policed by the Highway Patrol in black and white sedans. If you need emergency assistance, do not hesitate to flag down one of these vehicles.

Pemex is the only gasoline producer in Mexico, but most gas stations are locally owned and operated. The prices are standard, and heavy competition means good customer service. The quality of Mexican gasoline meets the standards of traveler’s vehicles. Magna Sin provides the equivalent of unleaded, and some stations also sell diesel fuel. It is wise to buy your gas at busy stations where frequent inventory turnover ensures fresh fuel. Be sure to fill the tank before leaving Mexicali; you will not have another opportunity until you reach San Felipe.

Under a joint agreement between the U.S. and Mexican governments, floating checkpoints that are manned by the Mexican Army have been established to control contraband movement. There is no need to be alarmed. The guards are courteous and will explain why they are stopping you. Signage is posted in Spanish and English. The rule is to be polite and cooperative, and so long as you are not transporting any contraband (guns/drugs), they pass you through very quickly. It is also advisable to let them know you are going to El Dorado Ranch.

Expect to stop at a checkpoint approximately 20 miles north of the Ranch.

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One thing you should definitely not bring with you into Mexico is any type of firearms or explosives. THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED.


Mexican auto insurance is a must. Mexico does not recognize U.S. auto insurance policies. Proof of automobile ownership is required. Insurance is easy and affordable to purchase whether on a daily or annual basis. Insurance rates vary and depend on length of stay, type and value of vehicle.

You can purchase your insurance policy well in advance of your trip to Mexico - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By purchasing your Mexico auto insurance online, you will save money and time, and you will never have to wait in line at the border again! Accidents must be reported to your Mexican insurance carrier BEFORE returning to the United States.

Accidents must be reported to your Mexican insurance carrier BEFORE returning to the United States.


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Plan ahead and be sure to fill up your gas tank before, or in, Mexicali. After leaving Mexicali, there is no gas available until you reach San Felipe. At Kilometer Marker 110 (approximately 45 miles from El Dorado Ranch), La Ventana offers cold drinks to travelers needing a rest stop en route. The next formal rest stop is at the Junction of Highway 5 and Highway 3 (Ensenada Hwy). The rest stop, approximately 23 miles from the Ranch, is large, lighted and has indoor bath facilities that are kept relatively clean. However, there is no food or fuel at this location, and you will be charged a nominal fee by the attendant for use of the restroom facilities. Once you reach San Felipe, you can fill up your tank at any one of the four 24-hour stations with diesel. Gas will be available at
El Dorado Ranch by December 2006.


If you wish to stay in the El Centro area before or after your trip to El Dorado Ranch, the following facilities are available;

  • Desert Trails RV Resort 225 Wake Ave. (Southeast of I-8 @ 4th St.) 760-352-7275
  • Rio Bend RV Resort 1589 Drew Road (South of I-8) 760-352-7061
  • Sunbeam Lake RV Resort 1716 W. Sunbeam Lake Rd. (Drew Rd. exit N. of I-8) 800-900-7154
  • Highway Rest Stop On I-8 near Drew Rd., approx. 7 miles west of 4th St. (has dump station)


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